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I started stitching a few years ago thanks to a very dear friend. She has encouraged and taught me so much. I am the Mum of three great kids who I love dearly. I love to stitch in my spare time and even though I am a newbie I enjoy it very much.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Is it only Monday

Boy it feels like it has been a really long week already and it is only Monday. I did a lot of sewing of the weekend, sadly most of it was not the fun kind. my son brought home a pair of shorts that a girl had tried to hem and said... Mum can you fix these. Gee thanks for volunteering me for that one. Then I had to sew the horrible number and age patches on my daughters Little Athletics single....Not a fun job either. At least I did get time to sew the borders on my first TTS stitchery. Both the red and the green look like they will come together alright.

I also managed to get Block A of Gardeners Journal together, the stitcheries are very cute in this one and the colours are lovely. It is nice to have a few projects going at once to skip from one to other. I will just have to make sure I finish them all.

Have a good week


  1. Well done Sam. They look great!! I love your Gardeners Journal.

  2. Looking good Sam. GJ is a gorgeous quilt. Like how your two versions of TTS are coming together too.

  3. Both these stitcheries are lovely! I am yet to start my TTS or gardeners journal, I keep adding to my list of things to do when I see so many bloggers making gorgeous things :)

  4. Hi Sam, Don't you just love it when someone volunteers you for something! I only want to love leisure sewing not mending or attaching sewing....that's not fun!! lol.
    Have a great day.
    Cheers, Anita.