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I started stitching a few years ago thanks to a very dear friend. She has encouraged and taught me so much. I am the Mum of three great kids who I love dearly. I love to stitch in my spare time and even though I am a newbie I enjoy it very much.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

More adventures of Peg & Dale......

I was very excited to have Peg & Dale arrive in the mail this week. But hmmm where to take them.... Firstly I thought they might enjoy a day at work with me so off we headed..... All ready for a big day at the computer.

  But first things first we did have to go and see Santa, who was sitting in the Mayoral chair.

 Then on with the fluoro vests, sign out a vehicle and off to the offsite Archive Room we headed

Peg & Dale headed up ladder to get a better view of the archives room, they helped out with some filing and then we headed back into the office.

 Then it was of course time for coffee & cake (so sorry I can not rotate this picture I have tried & tried).
Peg & Dale were all tuckered after such a big morning so they rested the for the rest of the day. Ready to set off on another adventure on the weekend........


  1. I am really good at filing....LOL.....it was a big day Sam....

  2. looks like an interesting day.......and glad they got a photo with Santa........