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I started stitching a few years ago thanks to a very dear friend. She has encouraged and taught me so much. I am the Mum of three great kids who I love dearly. I love to stitch in my spare time and even though I am a newbie I enjoy it very much.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Woodland Magic

 I found a new gorgeous fabric store close to home. Yippee. Rainbow Patchwork in Lismore, they have some beautiful fabrics. I selected these to use in Woodland Magic a Natalie Ross project. this will be a gift for a work colleague who is soon to be a Mum for the second time.
I have just started to applique the tree into the quilt background. This is the first time I have done machine applique & I am loving how fast you can see progress. I am also loving my new machine, a great new toy.Tomorrow I am leaving on a cruise to The Whitsundays, very excited. I am being good & haven't packed any stitching so it will have to wait until I return. Have a good week. Happy stitching.


  1. What?? No stitching on holidays??? Whatever will you do to amuse yourself??? (cheeky grin!). Have fun

  2. lovely fabrics.......have a wonderful time on the cruise.........

  3. Oh Gee, I am very excited to have been given the link to your blog by Chookyblue....and even more excited to learn that Lismore is close to you, as it is where I go to do my BIG kind of shopping....haven't yet found Rainbow Fabrics, I had been looking down the main part of town, only to learn it's on the Southside....derr...next time I will definitely find the time to check it out....we should try to co-ordinate a visit there together......hope you have/are enjoying your cruise...lucky you....