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I started stitching a few years ago thanks to a very dear friend. She has encouraged and taught me so much. I am the Mum of three great kids who I love dearly. I love to stitch in my spare time and even though I am a newbie I enjoy it very much.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Bags, bags....

 Hello everyone. Feels like I have been gone for a lifetime again. Oh how time flies by. I haven't had much time for sewing, but more about that in a minute.

A work mate kept admiring a bag I take my lunchtime reading and other junk to work in and asked me to make her one. I couldn't decide what colours to use so I made two and let her choose. One in gorgeous brights that I had left over from a picnic set I had made for my mum and some soft pinks similar to my bag.

 I really love this paisley fabric. Very cute.

 Still love these soft pinks and grey too, lucky because my workmate now has the paisley one and this one is mine.

So the reason for my lack of sewing.... Well besides the normal life moves too fast kind of stuff , I have signed on to complete a charity walk in October. Its only 11 weeks away now so I am getting a little nervous. It is called "Aussie 10 for CCS". CCS stands for Childhood Cancer Support. They are a wonderful charity who provide accomodation and many support services to families of children with cancer. We lived there for just over four months while my son went through his cancer journey. He has now taken on the role of Coach for this trek. I must say he has taken the role a little too serious, but I need the butt kicking so that is good.  Its a 50km trek, climbing the top ten peaks in the Snowy Mountains. It should be a fantastic walk just need to get my fitness somewhere near good enough to enjoy it. For now its all training and fundraising not much sewing. But all for such a great cause.
Hopefully I will have some great pics to blog too.

I have put a link below to my fundraising page and to CCS if anyone is interested.

Happy Stitching xox


  1. Very nice Sam. Love the fabrics.

  2. Nice bags, love the bright one. You can do some extra hill climb training at Katoomba!

  3. oh my what a challenge the trek will be - good on you for giving it a go!! Love the bags too

  4. Great Job on the bags ... as always! I hope your trainer will cut you some slack when you come to Katoomba, I'm pretty sure we wil be doing lots of sewing and eating :)