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Monday, 22 October 2012

Blue Mountains Scenery

I did manage to put my stitching down for long enough to enjoy some of the spectacular scenery in the Mountains. I am not fond of heights but did pay a visit to Scenic World. I was not at all impressed with the glass floor in the skyway. I didn't manage to take the camera out for that one.
Then we rode the scenic railway down. The steepest railway in the world.....
 and caught the cableway back up

As I am still in training for the big trek, it seemed like a really good idea to do The Giant Stairway. The stairway takes you to one of the three sisters and then into the valley below.

You are able to walk to the ledge of the sister on the left and then into the valley below

There are over 900 stairs to go down to the bottom, they are very steep...... and you realise just how much on the way back up.

But the scenery is spectacular and well worth the walk. Just take your time if you ever decide to give it a go. Highly recommend it for any avid walker.

Happy Stitching xox

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