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I started stitching a few years ago thanks to a very dear friend. She has encouraged and taught me so much. I am the Mum of three great kids who I love dearly. I love to stitch in my spare time and even though I am a newbie I enjoy it very much.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Gone Trekking....

Well I am finally off on my big trip, I don't think there will be any time for stitching on this one but hey I have thrown some in my suitcase just in case. What could be nicer than sitting around the fire at Lake Crackenback stitching.

Oh yeah the 50km we are walking and the ten peaks we are climbing over the two days might put a bit of pressure on the stitching time.

Well its all for a very good cause. I am very happy to say I have raised over $1000 for Childhood Cancer Support so far and the group is doing awesome with the tally over $26000.

Hoping to be back stitching soon. xox

Hopefully I will have some great pics just like these when I get back.


  1. goodluck Sam........sounds exhausting.......hope you get to take some pics...........congrats on the fund raising.......

  2. Congratulations Sam! Have a great time & I can't wait to see some pictures and hear all about it.